Maviscal und Breeze beenden glanzvolle Saison

Vladimir wurde in den letzten Wochen durch Erkrankung davon abgehalten, den Fotobericht der letzten Coursingveranstaltung in Russia zu erarbeiten. Jetzt möchte ich seinen schönen Bericht original widergeben. Die Auflistung aller Ergebnisse der 26 Whippets habe ich dabei eingekürzt. Der Bericht ist so lebhaft, dass man fast dabei gewesen ist. Und wie bereits bei den vorangegangenen Wettkämpfen ist sein rotes Duo wiederum unschlagbar gewesen. Herzliche Glückwünsche dazu!! und nun der Report:

12 September in Russia held the national coursing championship categories CACL, the last one of the the running season in 2015. The final chord of the outgoing year was a success! Still not quiet Golden autumn, but the first day of the Indian summer - not too hot and not too cold, soft, wet ground in neat picturesque fields in the Ruza river valley - the most suitable and favourable conditions for such competitions that simulate hunting with hounds.

      For the title of candidate in national coursing Champions  fought all 75 participants of different breeds Borzoi – Russian Borzoi, English Whippets and Greyhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Saluki Persian, Spanish Galgo, Afghan Hounds, also dogs of other breeds - Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Basenji, Shiba Inu.

      The competition lasted all day and each participant had the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in two races - qualifying and final. By the end of the running season the dogs were in great shape, so the competition was intense, the results are high, and races fascinating and beautiful!

      Judges Cup Marina Orlova and Elena Demidov? emphasized the high level of Whippets.

     The winners awarding took place in a wonderful romantic setting - in the dark fallen cars of participants were placed in a circle and shined a headlight clearing, where the winners were awarded diplomas and gifts.

Specifically for the convenience of participants prepared barbecue and other treats. The aroma of grilled meat emphasized the cozy friendly atmosphere of this last championship.


Just participated of Whippets: 26

Males standard class standard growth: 7

Females standard class standard growth: 10

Males standard class, growth above the standard: 4

Females standard class,growth above the standard: 2

Juniors: 3 (1 male and 3 females)

Males of the growth above the standard and females of the growth above the standard competed together.


Male: 1 st place CACL - EFFLORESCO'S MAVISKAL           points  176/182 = 358

(First Mavis’ race was together with SLADKIY VETER STEPEY      171/180 = 351

Second Mavis’ race was together with TATYANIN DEN VERNIY  172/175 = 347)

 The power of "German weapons" was confirmed by the next female result :


 Mix class Whippets higher standard: 1st place CACL - BRIZ LEGKIY VETER (BREEZE)

Junior: 1st place - Laksheri Corsair Talisman For Good Luck (Breeze’ s SON!!!)

 The best result among all the Whippets and among all breeds showed a senior fellow of Mavis - BRIZ VETER LEGKIY (BREEZE), became the BEST DOG of this CHAMPIONSHIP.

Best Junior of Championship of ALL BREEDS has become BREEZE'S son - Laksheri Corsair Talisman For Good Luck.

Thus, the return of Mavis in the sport after injury in Finland was triumphant:

2 victory in the final season Championships in Penza and in Ruza, and the obtaining titles Ch. RKF and CACL.


Breeze, which received similar titles in the competitions in September, has added his winning racing serie of the 2015 season with a performance in the show. Possessing the international certificate for working qualities, Breeze became the winner of working class (CW) and got CAC on the largest in Russia the international show "Russia-2015", held on 31 October in Moscow.



Hier muss ich mich einklinken, da die wundervollen Fotos von Breeze mit seiner Handlerin Karina Grishunina diesmal die Fotohighlights sind. Mit Breeze und Karina kommt eine Leichtigkeit in die Ausstellung, die man gerade bei großen Events selten sieht. Nicht unerwähnt soll bleiben, dass Elmar Sistermann die Ehre zu Teil kam, in der größten russischen Ausstellung "Russia 2015", die Whippets zu richten.